What I Learned From My 2015 Reader Survey

Thank you so much for taking my 2015 Reader Survey.  I have been pouring over the numbers this last week.  I can’t wait to share the results with you.

I conducted this survey because it let me hear directly from you.  I want to create content that serves my readers’ needs.  I also want to stop writing content that does not resonate.  The best way to do that (borrowing from my favorite blogger, Michael Hyatt) was to ask.


What the Numbers Say:


  • My typical reader is female (66%), between the ages of 25-44 (75%).  Though my content is directed at both genders, I will continue in the feminine tense today.
  • She is employed full-time (50%) or a stay at home mom (32%) and married (87%).  One interesting result is that the largest majority (37%) earn a household income between $25,000-$50,000 (37%), but another large portion of my readers make up the $75,000 or more income range.
  • My typical reader identified her three biggest financial “pain points” as:
    1. Budgeting (46%)
    2. Debt (40%)
    3. Living paycheck to paycheck (33%)
  • The following are not major “pain points”:
    1. Irregular Income
    2. Financial Crisis
    3. Not able to give
    4. Lack of information
    5. Lack of guidance
  • She most enjoys reading DIY Tutorials (26%) on my blog.  Tied for a close second (20%) are:  Topic Teaching, Personal/Relational Development, and Sharing Financial Tools and Resources.  An equal blend, really.
  • What else would she read?  Success stories and financial lessons for children.
  • If time or money were no object, my reader would pay off her house in the next five years.  Other ambitions would be a dream career or traveling more.
  • If she could have me create a product to fit her needs right now, it would be some type of challenge, ebook or tool to help her save money better.
    • My favorite response was to create a pickle jar that spits out unlimited cash like an ATM.  My husband may have confessed to writing that one.


These results were HUGELY insightful for me.  I read your input and have come up with 5 big takeaways to write more applicable content.


My 5 Takeaways:


  1. My readers are hard-working with big dreams.  Their pain points – budgeting, debt & getting ahead – are universal hangups – no matter their income.
  2. I will incorporate more How-To’s, DIY’s and tools – knowing that my audience is not at the beginner level.
  3. I will incorporate success stories.  That may include yours!
  4. I will start researching what we can discuss regarding our children and finances.  This may look like discussion groups on Facebook.  Or I may interview parents.  I’m not sure, but I’m absolutely psyched about it.
  5. This last step I am the most excited about.  I’d really like your feedback here.  If I were to create a 30-Day Savings Challenge, would you participate?  There are so many “How-To” books on saving money.  What if there was a community of like-minded adults, doing a savings challenge and inspiring one another to conquer their goals, daily?


Thank you again for taking my survey.  I really enjoyed learning from you, and have already gotten started on new content.  God Bless!




Join the conversation:  If I announced a free, 30-Day Savings Challenge, would you join?  What would excite you the most?

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