4 Bright Ideas to Save Costs on Moving

Moving is not the most fun thing to do, it is not enjoyable, rather stressful and can get extremely expensive depending on the amount of stuff that you need moved. Here are some ideas to keep the costs of moving down so you can spend on things you actually need:

Don’t Move What You Don’t Need

Moving is hard work and not everyone enjoys it, that is why services like professional movers exist, they are there to make your life easier and make moving less stressful. But professional movers cost a lot of money and it gets more expensive when you have a lot of things to move. Sometimes it could cost you more to move your furniture than to buy a completely new set. 

Find ways to cut down on what you pack with you, sell or give away things you don’t want or need including bulky or worn-out furniture, old clothes that you think you’ll wear but won’t and kitchen appliances that don’t get used all that often. Turn preloved items into cash by holding a yard sale, selling them online through Craigslist, eBay or even at consignment shops. Donate to charity what you cannot sell and throw away items that are broken or falling apart.

Moving creates a great opportunity to cut back on what you hold onto, holding onto items that you will eventually sell or donate after a move will inevitably cost you more.

Compare Moving Services

One of the simplest ways to save on costs when moving is to compare interstate removalists. It is wise to do your own research into the moving companies that provide you with estimates.  Don’t always go with the first company that is available to fulfil your move, shop around and you may be pleasantly surprised on the deals that are available out there. Savings of a few hundred dollars are well worth the extra time spent researching and comparing different movers and packers.

Don’t forget about getting estimates for car transport if you are moving long-distance, it pays to plan ahead or you will end up paying more for last minute.  Moving doesn’t always need to involve exorbitant costs and extras; most movers out there are able to work with you and within your budget. Whether it is savings on packaging materials, boxes, blankets or wraps, there is a good chance of finding a budget-friendly moving company that fits your needs.

Organize Your Own Packing Supplies

Don’t get caught out and pay for overpriced packing supplies from a moving company or moving truck hire yard. Get your packing supplies from a local general store, discounted store or home improvement store. You may sometimes get discounts when buying in bulk, try and collect moving boxes well in advance, ask friends and family for large boxes they don’t need.

Check on Craigslist or classified websites for moving boxes, some people are eager to give them away for free. It also pays to ask at the local stores whether they have any boxes that they want to get rid of.

Help Movers With The Move

For those movers who charge an hourly rate, try rolling up your sleeves and help out with the move. As soon as the movers arrive on moving day, the time begins to tick and you are paying more for each minute that passes by. Make yourself useful and move anything you are capable of out next to the moving truck, ready for the movers to organize in the truck. Enlist the help of some friends to help, the quicker you get your furniture out of the house and onto the moving truck, the more you are able to save. After all, a few pizzas for lunch are always going to be cheaper than the moving company’s hourly rate.

Moving doesn’t have to be complicated, stressful and expensive. Invest a little time towards staying organized and finding different ways to save money can make the relocation to your new home a smooth one.

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2 thoughts on “4 Bright Ideas to Save Costs on Moving

  1. I love that you mentioned the importance of shopping around to find the best movers for your needs and budget. I am moving with my three kids to a new state and we have a lot of heavy lifting that needs to be done. I am thinking about hiring a furniture removalist to help with the heavier pieces.

  2. It really helped when you said that moving doesn’t always need to involve expensive costs since most movers can work with us within our budget. My husband and I are going to move to the mainland in August. I guess we should look for reliable movers on Monday who can help us transport our belongings safely at a competitive rate.