5 Life Development Books That Don’t DRY UP Halfway Through

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I love books.  But sometimes, I read a life development book with a great premise, then, halfway through it just dries up.  ::cue the music::  Wah waaaahhhh.  Ever have that happen? Photo credit: sebastiansantanam8qnfs (MorgueFile) It’s a shame, because the author put a lot of time and effort into writing the book. But.  Every now and […]

Choosing Joy When Life Dumps Mud on Your Plans

My pastor preached on joy this Sunday.  Afterward, my mind came alive with article ideas.  They were jumping around like ping-pong balls.  Why do we choose happiness over joy?  How do people benefit by choosing joy?  Do I want tacos for lunch?   Wait, that’s not it… (Photo Credit:  Matthijs – Creative Commons) I rushed […]

Why I Quit Checking Facebook Before Breakfast

The other day, I set my alarm early to do some writing before breakfast. Before the kids woke up. Before washing the first load of laundry. Before answering emails.   Right on cue, my cell phone chirped beside my bed.  I reached over to silence the alarm and start my day. A new Facebook notification caught my […]