The Benefits of Using a “Buddy System” for Chores

"Teaching Your Children About Money" Series - Rebekah's Story

    When you think of the “buddy system”, you may picture a scene from the 90’s classic “Heavyweights”.   For your own amusement (and mine) here is the clip from the movie.   Thankfully, today’s teachable moment is MUCH less dysfunctional (and sliiightly safer). After the great feedback I received from Kristen’s teachable moment “How to […]

How to Teach Your Children That It’s NOT an “Allowance”

Teaching Your Children About Money Series - Kristen's Story

Does putting our children to work versus handing them an allowance make THAT much difference?  Will they grow up telling everyone their parents were tyrannical?  Or will they grow up with a greater appreciation for what they’ve earned? My friend Kristen, a talented and hard-working mother of four, joins us today to tackle this subject of […]

How To Teach Your Children the Power of a Positive Attitude During Chores

Teaching Your Children About Money Series - Ann's Story

I’m excited to bring you my very first Teachable Moment in my new series:  Teaching Your Children About Money.  Today we are joined by my friend Ann, a hard-working wife and mother of three from Indiana.  Every time I’m around Ann, I come away encouraged and valued. Let’s check out what teachable moment she has to […]