The Daring Pursuit of a Financial “Do Over”

Hear about one woman who moved away to financially start over, landed back on her feet and is paying for college in cash

Today, we are joined by Jaime Donovan, a writer, and personal finance enthusiast, who made a huge transition in her life to financially start over. Instead of letting her circumstances dictate her outcome, Jaime took a step of faith and moved from Arizona to Nebraska, seeking a fresh start and, with hard work, found it. […]

How to Teach Your Children to Secure Their Own Future

Each child is hard-wired differently. Some may have a natural drive to succeed in school, some may need more incentive to get there.  Is it worth some “tough love” to teach them the importance of securing their own future? Today’s teachable moment will help answer that. Today we are joined by my friend and fellow Dave […]