Easy Coupon Hacks for the Busy Mom

Here are 6 hassle-free ways to save money at the grocery store without clipping coupons like it's your day job.

Not everyone has the time to set up an elaborate coupon clipping system with a categorized binder. Not everyone can make four stops in one shopping trip to snag all the best deals. Does that mean it’s impossible to use any coupons and save money on groceries? No, it’s not impossible. I threw myself full […]

A Beginner’s Guide to Coupons

Coupons are complicated.  There are 801 different ways to begin.  Here is my guide to getting started, and how I saved $402.94 my first year. Photo Credit:  WalterWhite (MorgueFile) In 2013, I watched “Extreme Couponing” with my jaw stuck on the floor.  Turns out, none of the stores in my area offer the type of doubling […]