The Power of Listening to Your Child with Your Eyes

A lesson I learned on making eye contact with my children.

I spent the last six months frequently doing two things: Growing my freelance writing business and sticking my nose in my phone. I did many other things with my time, but this is my simple confession: There have been seasons when my “phone to kid” ratio was askew and something needed to change. I tried […]

How to Make Extra Money From Home

Here are 5 legitimate ways to be an at-home parent and still make money (even in your pajamas)

Don’t you love the nerve of bloggers these days? Promising you a steady flow of money if you just slouch in front of your laptop and stare as you sip scorched coffee for a few hours every day? Well, I’ve been at this for a while, and I’m here to tell you that it’s not […]

Why I Quit Checking Facebook Before Breakfast

The other day, I set my alarm early to do some writing before breakfast. Before the kids woke up. Before washing the first load of laundry. Before answering emails.   Right on cue, my cell phone chirped beside my bed.  I reached over to silence the alarm and start my day. A new Facebook notification caught my […]