Tons of Fun Ways to Enjoy a Family Staycation

It's not about the cost; it's about the memories.

Today, we’re joined by guest blogger Carol Robson of Tiny House Plans. Carol offers her passion-infused expertise in living simply and enjoying a frugal lifestyle. I absolutely applaud her message that family vacations don’t have to cost thousands; it’s more about investing time with your family. Enjoy these tips today from Carol! Image Credit: Evil […]

Choosing Joy When Life Dumps Mud on Your Plans

My pastor preached on joy this Sunday.  Afterward, my mind came alive with article ideas.  They were jumping around like ping-pong balls.  Why do we choose happiness over joy?  How do people benefit by choosing joy?  Do I want tacos for lunch?   Wait, that’s not it… (Photo Credit:  Matthijs – Creative Commons) I rushed […]

Wealth Building is the Launch Pad for These 3 Things

We all want to get rich.  You’re not Ebeneezer Scrooge for wanting that. Mathematically, if you earn an average income (in America, that’s $50,000 per household), live on less than you make, and invest wisely, then you should retire wealthy. There are variables, but this is my point: If you stick to it, you’ll probably make […]