How to Stop Fighting with Your Spouse Over Finances

What can couples do to turn their financial fighting into financial peace?

Today, we are joined by my fellow personal finance writer and friend, Carrie Lowrance, from Freelance By Lowrance. Like me, she graduated from Financial Peace University and learned a whole lot more than how to spend her money. She’s joining us today to share her own experience and wisdom on the subject of financial disagreements […]

3 “Expensive” Lessons Learned by Taking a Softball to the Face

Lessons About Money Happen in the Strangest Places

Every summer, I play women’s softball.  It’s dear to my heart (and forces me to exercise).  Even though my current league is slow pitch, injuries do still occur.  Verrrry sloooowly.  Just kidding.  Shortly after taking a softball to the face last week, I was pretty tough on myself about how the injury could have been […]

What Has Been Your Greatest Financial Hurdle This Year? [Survey]

Photo Credit:  Jurgen Appelo (Creative Commons)   Every week, I select a different financial topic to blog about.  It has been a blast.  But I’ll admit – it’s largely guesswork figuring out what will resonate with people most.   After all, that’s my goal.  To offer ideas, encouragement and hope to others – while documenting all […]