Two Critical Habits for Getting Out of Debt (and Staying That Way)

How to Get and Stay Out of Debt Looking back, there are two critical habits my husband and I repeated that got us out of debt. Just yesterday, I realized that they are still as critical, years later. What are the two habits? Everything boils down to one of those two points. Turns out I’m […]

Confessions of a Financial Blogger Who Hates Budgeting

I'll never love budgets, but I'll still use them. I'll never love details, but I know the benefits of having them in my life. When I grow up, that'll come in handy.

In case you thought every personal finance blogger was a tech-savvy, detail-oriented, finance wiz in trendy “reading” glasses and a suit, I’m here to tell you that I’m soooooooo not that dude. Or any dude, for that matter. I write Facebook updates about my socks and Star Wars memes and the ridiculous things my 3-year-old […]

You Can’t Afford NOT to Celebrate Valentine’s Day

Don't let extreme frugal living get in the way of investing in your marriage

I recently got off the phone with a young couple as they were creating their first zero-based budget. ::enthusiastic applause:: They’re both attending Financial Peace University, just like my husband and I did five years ago, and had a question about their homework assignment. It pertains to anyone celebrating Valentine’s Day, or going on dates […]

My $1,031.20 Chipped Tooth

Life Doesn't Take Visa, It Takes a Few Facepalms and an Emergency Fund

Life happens. One day, you’re in a study room at the library, getting tons of writing done and making money. The next, you’re home, sneaking a bite from the tub of cookie dough in your freezer when one of your back molars chips. You freeze, mid-bite, wondering if that was your imagination. Sure enough, you […]

Saying “No” to House Fever

How to Be Rational When You're Standing in Your "Dream House"

My husband and I stood with our realtor inside our dream house on Friday.  Ok, they were standing.  I was levitating.  I had raging house fever, not caring about whether or not we could afford it.  All I wanted was to get my kids into that magical house with a fenced in back yard, attached garage […]

19 Ways Financial Peace University Changed My Life

Fall Classes Are Starting Soon. What's Stopping You From Signing Up?

Fall is a season of change.  The trees shred their old leaves, making room for new growth.  It is an ideal time to evaluate your finances since all around the country, Financial Peace University classes are getting ready once more to launch.  And like it did with me four years ago, it just might change […]