29 Financial Tips to Boost Your Savings This Week

The biggest lesson I’ve learned about saving money is that it’s a discipline of the mind, not a discipline of the wallet. Where your attitude about debt, giving, stuff, and wealth goes, your account balance will follow. On that note, I’ve compiled a simple list of 29 tweaks you can make to save money this […]

Tons of Fun Ways to Enjoy a Family Staycation

It's not about the cost; it's about the memories.

Today, we’re joined by guest blogger Carol Robson of Tiny House Plans. Carol offers her passion-infused expertise in living simply and enjoying a frugal lifestyle. I absolutely applaud her message that family vacations don’t have to cost thousands; it’s more about investing time with your family. Enjoy these tips today from Carol! Image Credit: Evil […]

Easy Coupon Hacks for the Busy Mom

Here are 6 hassle-free ways to save money at the grocery store without clipping coupons like it's your day job.

Not everyone has the time to set up an elaborate coupon clipping system with a categorized binder. Not everyone can make four stops in one shopping trip to snag all the best deals. Does that mean it’s impossible to use any coupons and save money on groceries? No, it’s not impossible. I threw myself full […]

How to Make Extra Money From Home

Here are 5 legitimate ways to be an at-home parent and still make money (even in your pajamas)

Don’t you love the nerve of bloggers these days? Promising you a steady flow of money if you just slouch in front of your laptop and stare as you sip scorched coffee for a few hours every day? Well, I’ve been at this for a while, and I’m here to tell you that it’s not […]

12 Questions to Ask Before Consigning Your Baby Items

Read These Tips From My Experience to Save Yourself Time and Effort

Saving money is awesome.  But not every method is right for everyone.  Last week, I participated in my second consignment sale.  Now that I am a few sales in, I realize how many hours I wasted trying to figure things out at the beginning.  It’s just part of the learning process, but hopefully I can […]

12 Blogs That Save Me Money

Where Practical Meets Inspirational in a Frugal Blogging Community

Over the last year, I’ve searched for personal finance blogs that were really making a difference.  Words that come to mind are:  practical, inspirational, authentic community.  They are now my favorite genre to read.  The communities they’ve built are enthusiastic and always encouraging one another.  So here are 12 blogs I’ve followed over the last […]