Her Cardboard Sign Read: “Homeless and Pregnant”

How a recent encounter with a homeless woman jolted my perspective on Thanksgiving

My kids and I crunched across the snow to our SUV after church.  Lunchtime hunger pains were just setting in.  We had a few minutes to kill while my husband rehearsed for Christmas at the church, so we went in search of food. The minute we turned into the shopping center, my eyes locked onto […]

How to Nurture the “Inner Giver” in Your Child

"Teaching Your Children About Money" Series - Rachel's Story

I love hearing parents talk about their children wanting to give their money to someone in need.  Sure those same children may get in trouble for not sharing a toy five minutes later, but there is an “inner giver” in all of us that starts in childhood.  As parents, we can nurture that selfless heart through word […]

Wealth Building is the Launch Pad for These 3 Things

We all want to get rich.  You’re not Ebeneezer Scrooge for wanting that. Mathematically, if you earn an average income (in America, that’s $50,000 per household), live on less than you make, and invest wisely, then you should retire wealthy. There are variables, but this is my point: If you stick to it, you’ll probably make […]