How to Be Broke, Married and (Still) in Love

Three Ways God is Fighting for Your Marriage

Remember when you became friends with your spouse?  When you did whatever you could to make each other laugh?  I’m going to take a wild guess that you were broke at that time.  We certainly were. Photo Credit:  earl53 (MorgueFile) Four years later, we’re still quite broke, but we’re still married and still in love.  We […]

Choosing Joy When Life Dumps Mud on Your Plans

My pastor preached on joy this Sunday.  Afterward, my mind came alive with article ideas.  They were jumping around like ping-pong balls.  Why do we choose happiness over joy?  How do people benefit by choosing joy?  Do I want tacos for lunch?   Wait, that’s not it… (Photo Credit:  Matthijs – Creative Commons) I rushed […]