5 Ways Toddlers Use Money Just Like Adults

A humorous look at how some things never change, even with age.

Here is a light-hearted look at what happens when an overly excited mother, who moonlights as a personal finance blogger, lets her toddlers play with coins. After a few weeks of borderline chaos, I learned a few things. Namely that my kids use money just like the rest of us…with a twist.   And without […]

Financial Wisdom from Parents About Kids & Money

And Why It Applies to People of ALL Ages

I’ve had the privilege of interviewing some incredible parents over the last year who are teaching their children how to win with money.  These parents are the real deal, teaching their kids daily lessons about money, work ethic, integrity and patience.  Turns out, their advice is great for everyone, so I’m sharing it today. One […]

How to Raise Unspoiled, Financially Wise Children

"Teaching Your Children About Money" Series - Ruth's Story

We have the incredible privilege of raising our children into adults.  With that end goal in mind, what steps do we need to take to ensure that they also become financially wise? Our motives are pure – we simply want our children to be happy.  But when left unchecked, we try to give them world, […]