12 Blogs That Save Me Money

Where Practical Meets Inspirational in a Frugal Blogging Community

Over the last year, I’ve searched for personal finance blogs that were really making a difference.  Words that come to mind are:  practical, inspirational, authentic community.  They are now my favorite genre to read.  The communities they’ve built are enthusiastic and always encouraging one another.  So here are 12 blogs I’ve followed over the last […]

3 Simple Ways to Take the 52-Week Money Challenge

What Would You Do With An Extra $1,378? (FREE Infographic)

After writing about my own experience with the 52-week money challenge in a recent blog post, I received a lot of positive feedback.  People were very interested in trying this method of saving, so I thought I would share three simple ways to begin. OK, so first off, I did not invent this challenge.  Nor […]

15 Little Money-Saving Experiments

Tweak Today's Budget and Get Some Results

Ever feel stuck?  Perhaps you feel like you will never pay off that debt looming over your head.  I put together a quick list of ways we were able to save money while chasing our three biggest savings goals:  debt payoff, emergency fund and a down payment on a house.  Here are 15 that worked […]