March Freelance Writing Update – My First $500

Check out how I earned my first $500 writing on the web and how I got published on LifeHack, Scary Mommy, and The Penny Hoarder

One year ago, I launched this personal finance blog, hoping to spread inspiration about frugal living from my own family’s journey. Then, I fell in love with writing for the web and started getting published on other websites. Now I’m regularly contributing to websites and earning back the money I’ve invested in this blog and […]

5 Ways Toddlers Use Money Just Like Adults

A humorous look at how some things never change, even with age.

Here is a light-hearted look at what happens when an overly excited mother, who moonlights as a personal finance blogger, lets her toddlers play with coins. After a few weeks of borderline chaos, I learned a few things. Namely that my kids use money just like the rest of us…with a twist.   And without […]

How to Be Broke, Married and (Still) in Love

Three Ways God is Fighting for Your Marriage

Remember when you became friends with your spouse?  When you did whatever you could to make each other laugh?  I’m going to take a wild guess that you were broke at that time.  We certainly were. Photo Credit:  earl53 (MorgueFile) Four years later, we’re still quite broke, but we’re still married and still in love.  We […]

How to Teach Your Child to Raise His Own Money for Camp

Teaching Your Children About Money Series - Miranda's Story

Today we are joined by a terrific writer, fellow parent and blogging friend, Miranda from Coffee and Confidence.  She has an incredible story about teaching her 7-year-old son how to save up $190 for his own trip to Lego Robotics camp.  (I don’t know about you, but I would LOVE to go to Lego Robotics […]

Don’t Let Financial Mistakes in Your Past Haunt Your Future

5 Steps to Breaking the Hold of Your Previous Mistakes

We all make financial mistakes.  The temptation is to let them haunt us.  Or worse, define us.  Don’t let that happen.  Find the courage to face your shame and move on.  Just like I am finally about to do. Photo Credit:  Ryan McGilchrist (Creative Commons) When I was 19, I signed up for fall classes […]

How To Teach Your Children the Power of a Positive Attitude During Chores

Teaching Your Children About Money Series - Ann's Story

I’m excited to bring you my very first Teachable Moment in my new series:  Teaching Your Children About Money.  Today we are joined by my friend Ann, a hard-working wife and mother of three from Indiana.  Every time I’m around Ann, I come away encouraged and valued. Let’s check out what teachable moment she has to […]

Teaching Your Children About Money

Do You Have a Teachable Moment to Share on My Blog?

ANNOUNCEMENT: I’m so excited to be launching my first feature series on my blog starting this month! “Teaching Your Children About Money” I love sharing my financial experiences and tips with you.  But what I love even more is when my readers get a chance to share that with each other. I don’t have to tell […]

3 Tips to Straighten Out Your Spending

Ever teach yourself to juggle?  Me neither.  (If you can, I’m supremely jealous.) Ever juggle money?  Of course!  You are right now! Maintaining your money daily, even monthly, is tough.  Check out these three tips to help straighten out your spending.   1.  Write a spending plan –  ::Dodges rotten fruit thrown at head:: I know, […]

Why I’m Here

My name is Laura.  I’m a Christian financial coach, a wife, a mother of two. My purpose in creating this blog is to provide a place for money savers and dreamers to root for each other, find advice, and laugh off the mistakes, together. Only two things you need to know about me: The least […]