Why Buying a House Was Worth the Wait

We just closed on our first house. Boy are we glad we saved up and waited until now.

Seventy-two hours ago, we bought a house. After a five-year wait that began with our wedding, then two births, one loss of income, an IRS audit, and car problems galore, we saved up for a downpayment and signed the papers. We sat in a little room at the title company, signed papers, shook hands with […]

4 Things My Husband and I Prayed for Before We Bought a House

After a 5-year search for our first home, we placed our first official offer and here's how we made our decision.

I’m weird. My husband’s weird. We didn’t buy a house when we got married – or in the five years that followed. With a lot of prayer, research, calculations, and staring blankly at each other trying to figure this out as we go along, we finally put an offer on our first house. Why’d it […]

Saying “No” to House Fever

How to Be Rational When You're Standing in Your "Dream House"

My husband and I stood with our realtor inside our dream house on Friday.  Ok, they were standing.  I was levitating.  I had raging house fever, not caring about whether or not we could afford it.  All I wanted was to get my kids into that magical house with a fenced in back yard, attached garage […]