What to do When you Can’t get Childcare or Can’t Afford Childcare

As a working mom, childcare is essential. For too many, it is becoming next to impossible to get, not to mention extremely expensive.  If you are a low-income earner, returning to the workforce, just starting your business, or returning from maternity leave or time off, you might not have the budget. Fewer people than ever […]

5 Tips to Reduce Stress as a Work at Home Mum/Mom from Get Mentally Fit

How can you Juggle Working From Home with Your Husband and Reduce Stress? My name is Emily Johnson (Psychologist), I am the proud Co-found of Gold Coast based training and coaching company, Get Mentally Fit. Our mission is to proactively guide clients through the beneficial process of developing preventative, practical skills and habits that enable […]

5 Ways Toddlers Use Money Just Like Adults

A humorous look at how some things never change, even with age.

Here is a light-hearted look at what happens when an overly excited mother, who moonlights as a personal finance blogger, lets her toddlers play with coins. After a few weeks of borderline chaos, I learned a few things. Namely that my kids use money just like the rest of us…with a twist.   And without […]

My One Word for 2016

If you could choose one word to launch your year, what would it be?

Up until this weekend, my one word for 2016 was going to be: Quality. I was going to polish up and perfect my message of personal finance and parenting. Then something not-so-shiny, but oh-so-real happened. Something I wrote, something raw and personal and honest, went viral. Somehow, my journey fused with thousands of other people. […]

Weekly Roundup #2

This Week's Best Personal Finance Blogs & a Dash of Star Wars Humor

Every week, I share my favorite blog posts about family and finance. But first, you get to watch a funny video. This week, it just so happens to be Star Wars. Photo Credit: Akira Hsu (Creative Commons) The reason I post funny videos on my roundup is because I’m always seeing them and they make […]

How to Teach Your Children the Life Shaping Value of a Summer Job

Teaching Your Children About Money Series - Jennille's Story

Think back to your first summer job.  Mine was polishing cabinets and scrubbing toilets at a cabinet factory.  I certainly didn’t feel like that job was shaping my life, but it was.  In countless ways.  Not to mention I know roughly nine different cleaning solutions for polishing high-end counter tops.  Now THAT’S life changing information. Today […]

How to Teach Your Children That It’s NOT an “Allowance”

Teaching Your Children About Money Series - Kristen's Story

Does putting our children to work versus handing them an allowance make THAT much difference?  Will they grow up telling everyone their parents were tyrannical?  Or will they grow up with a greater appreciation for what they’ve earned? My friend Kristen, a talented and hard-working mother of four, joins us today to tackle this subject of […]

How to Teach Your Children About Spending Wisely on Vacation

Teaching Your Children About Money Series - Andrea's Story

Many of us spend the summer going on some form of a vacation.  What better time to teach about money than when our children actually see us spend it?  So today, continuing in our “Teaching Your Children About Money” series, we are joined by my good friend, Andrea – a warm-hearted wife and mother of four […]

How To Teach Your Children the Consequences of Borrowing Money (FREE Download)

Teaching Your Children About Money Series - Laurie's Story

Sooner or later, your child will be presented with the chance to borrow money.  We love our children, so it is our job to teach them the consequences of their decisions.  Sometimes that means sticking to our guns in order to give them a taste of what the real world is like.   Today’s story […]