The 4 Gift Christmas Challenge: Something They Want, Need, Wear, & Read

Here are 3 unexpected lessons I learned after taking the four gift Christmas challenge

This Christmas, we decided to try the four gift Christmas challenge: Something they want, something they need, something they wear, something they read. It was really fun and helped me dial in on what I’m doing with the hard-earned money we saved for Christmas. Somehow it always seems to flitter away. Photo Credit: donnierayjones via […]

The 6 Types of Christmas Shoppers

Which one best describes you?

Time for a little fun. Every day, I hear about all the ups and downs of Christmas shopping. For some people, it’s the holliest, jolliest time of their year as they do heel kicks all the way home from the mall. For others, they’re like Charlie Brown, just enduring the chaos and commercialization of Christmas […]