Effective Ways To Beat Financial Hardship

(image: pexels) We live in a time where the job market is more competitive than ever, and the unemployment line is growing. Furthermore, many people are struggling to earn a fair wage with zero contract hour jobs and are regularly dipping into savings to make ends meet. Perhaps you are struggling financially, or maybe you […]

The Mistakes People Make With Saving Money

Saving money is one of the most common things people do when they’re paid. You get your weekly or monthly salary, you start budgeting, then you reserve as much money as possible in your savings account. While this behaviour is completely normal and understandable, it’s also questionable because it’s not always the correct choice. Image […]

5 Mistakes Made When Applying for a Loan

Image Source No matter whether you require a loan for business or personal use, it is important that you approach the process with care. Loans can be extremely beneficial, giving you the platform you need to get your life back on track, or helping you to set up your dream business. Nevertheless, this will only […]

How to educate yourself for less #Sponsored

Use Groupon and Udemy to learn anything on a budget

The following is a sponsored post based on my personal experience with Groupon and Udemy. How many things have you wanted to learn but either didn’t have the time or money to do it? As a mum, it can be hard juggling everything in the home, taking kids where they need to go, working and […]

5 ways to include self care in your life #Sponsored

Are you taking care of yourself?  The following is a sponsored post. Opinions are my own. Often we put everyone else’s needs before our own, leaving us feeling run down, especially this time of year. Instead of allowing me to neglect myself, I have decided to take action and implement a little self care each day. […]

How to Make Extra Money From Home

Here are 5 legitimate ways to be an at-home parent and still make money (even in your pajamas)

Don’t you love the nerve of bloggers these days? Promising you a steady flow of money if you just slouch in front of your laptop and stare as you sip scorched coffee for a few hours every day? Well, I’ve been at this for a while, and I’m here to tell you that it’s not […]