Consignment Sales Vs. Garage Sales

Where Should I Sell My Stuff?

A few of my friends asked me to review my experiences with two different consignment sales this year.  Since I also just participated in a garage sale, I’d like to share my thoughts on all three of those events.  Hopefully it will help you out as you decide where to sell your belongings. Photo Credit: […]

12 Questions to Ask Before Consigning Your Baby Items

Read These Tips From My Experience to Save Yourself Time and Effort

Saving money is awesome.  But not every method is right for everyone.  Last week, I participated in my second consignment sale.  Now that I am a few sales in, I realize how many hours I wasted trying to figure things out at the beginning.  It’s just part of the learning process, but hopefully I can […]

What To Do When Your Side Income Goes Belly Up

4 Takeaways to Remember When Your Efforts Fall Through the Cracks

I’ve written before about how I put nearly 50 hours into a consignment sale and earned $178 as a result.  I’m also the queen of not making a sale on eBay, Craigslist or Facebook garage sales.  Come to me for advice, people.  I know how to get it done.  Not… Photo Credit:  Liz Edgar (Creative […]