How to Nurture the “Inner Giver” in Your Child

"Teaching Your Children About Money" Series - Rachel's Story

I love hearing parents talk about their children wanting to give their money to someone in need.  Sure those same children may get in trouble for not sharing a toy five minutes later, but there is an “inner giver” in all of us that starts in childhood.  As parents, we can nurture that selfless heart through word […]

3 Tips to Straighten Out Your Spending

Ever teach yourself to juggle?  Me neither.  (If you can, I’m supremely jealous.) Ever juggle money?  Of course!  You are right now! Maintaining your money daily, even monthly, is tough.  Check out these three tips to help straighten out your spending.   1.  Write a spending plan –  ::Dodges rotten fruit thrown at head:: I know, […]