Financial Wisdom from Parents About Kids & Money

And Why It Applies to People of ALL Ages

I’ve had the privilege of interviewing some incredible parents over the last year who are teaching their children how to win with money.  These parents are the real deal, teaching their kids daily lessons about money, work ethic, integrity and patience.  Turns out, their advice is great for everyone, so I’m sharing it today. One […]

How to Teach Your Children About Taxes (and Make it Fun)

"Teaching Your Children About Money" - Tom's Story

I remember holding my first tax refund check when I was 20, shocked that the government “gave” me money, and too embarrassed to ask anyone why.  How did you first learn about taxes?  Today’s article will show you a powerful way of teaching your children about income taxes, refunds and employment – equipping them before […]

The Benefits of Using a “Buddy System” for Chores

"Teaching Your Children About Money" Series - Rebekah's Story

    When you think of the “buddy system”, you may picture a scene from the 90’s classic “Heavyweights”.   For your own amusement (and mine) here is the clip from the movie.   Thankfully, today’s teachable moment is MUCH less dysfunctional (and sliiightly safer). After the great feedback I received from Kristen’s teachable moment “How to […]

How to Teach Your Children to Secure Their Own Future

Each child is hard-wired differently. Some may have a natural drive to succeed in school, some may need more incentive to get there.  Is it worth some “tough love” to teach them the importance of securing their own future? Today’s teachable moment will help answer that. Today we are joined by my friend and fellow Dave […]

How to Teach Your Children the Life Shaping Value of a Summer Job

Teaching Your Children About Money Series - Jennille's Story

Think back to your first summer job.  Mine was polishing cabinets and scrubbing toilets at a cabinet factory.  I certainly didn’t feel like that job was shaping my life, but it was.  In countless ways.  Not to mention I know roughly nine different cleaning solutions for polishing high-end counter tops.  Now THAT’S life changing information. Today […]

How to Teach Your Children That It’s NOT an “Allowance”

Teaching Your Children About Money Series - Kristen's Story

Does putting our children to work versus handing them an allowance make THAT much difference?  Will they grow up telling everyone their parents were tyrannical?  Or will they grow up with a greater appreciation for what they’ve earned? My friend Kristen, a talented and hard-working mother of four, joins us today to tackle this subject of […]

How to Teach Your Children About Spending Wisely on Vacation

Teaching Your Children About Money Series - Andrea's Story

Many of us spend the summer going on some form of a vacation.  What better time to teach about money than when our children actually see us spend it?  So today, continuing in our “Teaching Your Children About Money” series, we are joined by my good friend, Andrea – a warm-hearted wife and mother of four […]