How I Made My Wife Cry On Our Honeymoon

Talking about finances on your honeymoon may be unconventional, but the lessons this husband and his new bride learned are powerful enough to last a lifetime.

Today’s guest post is as real as it gets. James MacLean from Love and Money Matters opens up about the first moment he and his new bride had “the money talk.” It wasn’t exactly when he thought it would happen (on their honeymoon!), but it taught them both some powerful lessons. True story. I made my […]

How to Teach Your Children About Spending Wisely on Vacation

Teaching Your Children About Money Series - Andrea's Story

Many of us spend the summer going on some form of a vacation.  What better time to teach about money than when our children actually see us spend it?  So today, continuing in our “Teaching Your Children About Money” series, we are joined by my good friend, Andrea – a warm-hearted wife and mother of four […]