Weekly Roundup #3

This Week's Best Personal Finance Blogs & a Dash of Humor

Every week, I share my favorite blog posts about family and finance. But first, you get to watch a funny video.  The reason I post short, funny videos on my roundup is because the world needs a good laugh.  Consider this the comics section of my blog.

Photo Credit: caprisco (Morguefile)

I love my dad.  Although he wasn’t in law enforcement like the dad in this video appears to be, he did pull my car out of a snowy ditch (and no I wasn’t drinking) when I unwisely took back roads to our home in the country during a snow storm.

So I dedicate this hilarious video to all the dads out there:

Video Credit: Swags Wagner


Here are some great blog posts I read this week:

Chad wrote a cool challenge on Millennial Money Hack called The CUT 3 FOR 3 Challenge – How I Saved Over $925 Per Month.  If you know it’s time to cut back, but you have no idea where to start, check out this post.  It’s called “cut 3 for 3” because you cut three monthly expenses each month for three months.  I like that his challenge is simple, doable, and focuses on your end goals like paying off debt or saving for emergencies.

I love watching DIY makeovers.  Especially when someone remakes an entire room for $350-$400, like Serena at Thrift Diving did in this week’s epic post: BEFORE & AFTER: My Cozy Family Room Makeover.  I’m always amazed at the handy tricks Serena shares on her page, but this post definitely took the cake.

As Christ followers, we are taught not to store treasures on earth, but in heaven.  How do you feel that relates to our finances?  J. Money at Budgets Are $exy wrote about an email he received from someone unsubscribing from his blog.  In his post: Storing Treasures in Heaven Vs. Earth, the unsubscriber wrote, “I changed my philosophy on money and will be storing my treasures in heaven and not on this earth.”  Read J. Money’s response to this.  Do you agree or disagree with the unsubscriber?


Where I was featured this week:

I’ve been blogging since 2006, but nothing prepared me for the awesome, humbling and did-I-mention-awesome feeling that comes with guest blogging.  Joining together with another blogger to provide useful content for their audience is such a fun challenge for me.  I’m grateful to Laurie at The Frugal Farmer, who has supported and guided me since the beginning.  This week, she gave me a chance to guest post about how my husband and I survived and tithed on less than $2000 a month.

BONUS READING:  While you’re over there, check out Laurie’s great post from this week about feeding your family on less than $400 a month.  It could revolutionize your grocery budget.


That wraps up my third roundup in this series.  Could you leave a comment with what financial topic (of these five) you most enjoy reading?

  1. Money hacks
  2. DIY tutorials
  3. Faith & finance
  4. Success stories
  5. Reducing household expenses

I want to make sure I’m finding content that is useful to you.  Thanks for reading, Piggy Bank Dreamers!


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6 thoughts on “Weekly Roundup #3

  1. Hi Laura! Thanks for the mention..your site is awesome.

    #1, #3, #4 would be my top three..although all 5 are great topics!