Ideal Evening Routine for Work at Home Moms

One of the best ways to set your day up right is to set it up the night before. We make so many decisions every day that uses up our brain power. Instead of wasting time and energy in the morning, depleting yourself quicker, get organized the night before.

By doing the following before you go to bed, when you get up in the morning, things will be easier and less stressful as the morning essentials are half done.

Clean the Kitchen

No one likes getting up to a dirty kitchen. It doesn’t take that long to clean the dishes, put them away, wipe over the benches, sink and to clean the floor. If you have kids that are old enough, get them to do it.

Another option is to alternate. Take turns cooking and the ones who are cooking, clean. With everyone pitching it, it gets done quickly and everyone can relax.

Cleaning the kitchen is not only your job. Everyone who lives in the house contributes to the mess, they all need to help clean up. Doing it right after dinner is also easier because food doesn’t dry or get gross.

The reality is, that dishes don’t need to soak overnight. If you feel they need soaking, it needs to be done with hot water (or pour boiling water over it) and scrub. Leaving dishes to soak is not overly effective and means you have dirty dishes sitting around.

Choose Your Clothes and Accessories

Have all family members lay their clothes out for the next day and check they have everything they need including sports gear. This prevents a rush the next morning searching for items or realizing something wasn’t washed.

Better yet, plan it all on a Sunday and hang it by day in you closet so each evening all you need to do is grab the relevant items. Check your calendar to see what’s happening each day and plan your outfits to suit.

Bonus Tip

Clothing and accessories are much easier when you know your style, what suits you and what is appropriate for different occasions. Have a session with a personal stylist then shop accordingly. Doing this means you are more likely to wear all the items you own and save time as well as money.

Write Your To-Do List For The Next Day

Rather than waste time in the morning writing out what you need to do that day, do it the night before. This often helps you sleep better as well.

When writing your list consider breaking it up a little instead of creating one huge list. Write down the 3 most important tasks to get done. Often we get bogged down being busy with the little things and the most important get pushed aside as they’re bigger.

Have a full list of all the things you need to do, but focus on the shorter list of 3 and work from that first thing then move to the longer list.

By planning your day the night before, you are able to get up and simply do it instead of needing to think or plan what needs to be done. This saves a lot of time and reserves your decision-making energy for things that matter.


Shower, do your skincare routine and get ready for bed. As exhausted as you might be, collapsing straight into bed without cleaning your body or cleansing your face is not good for your skin.

This part of your routine also helps you wind down for better sleep.

Journal and Review

What worked today, and what didn’t? Write in your journal how the day went, what went well, the lessons you learned, and things to do differently and list out 3 things you are grateful for.

If you are struggling with some big problems, writing them down and how you feel can help you process them and find solutions. In general, keeping a journal is a great way to free your mind of all the thoughts swirling around. Plus, later you can see how far you’ve come.

The physical act of writing rather than typing is more effective for your mind.

Wind Down

Instead of watching TV, try reading then doing some sleep meditation or hypnosis to fall asleep. Binge-watching a show or scrolling social media doesn’t help you relax into sleep.

Create a wind-down routine including a shower or bath, getting into pyjamas, reading and some meditation for restful sleep instead. Your quality of sleep will improve, it is likely you’ll fall asleep faster and feel more relaxed in general.

It helps if your bedroom is optimized for this. Keep any work out of your bedroom. Ensure the curtains block out all light or wear a face mask to block the light. Have a quality mattress that supports your body, along with quality pillows and linen.

Keep the room at a comfortable temperature and not overly scented. Fresh air daily will help keep the room clean and smelling good.

What is your evening routine?

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