Kids & Money

I believe we have the God-given privilege to teach our children about work, money, giving, saving and spending.  So I’ve been interviewing parents who share one teachable moment regarding their children and money.

The stories are mind-blowing.

I invite you to read through these stories, then share one with your friends.

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How to Teach Your Children the Power of a Positive Attitude During Chores – Ann’s Story

How to Teach Your Children the Consequences of Borrowing Money – Laurie’s Story

How to Teach Your Child to Raise His Own Money for Camp – Miranda’s Story

How to Teach Your Children About Spending Wisely on Vacation – Andrea’s Story

How to Teach Your Children That It’s NOT an “Allowance” – Kristen’s Story

How to Teach Your Children the Life-Shaping Value of a Summer Job – Jennille’s Story

How to Teach Your Children to Secure Their Own Future – Kim’s Story

How to Raise Unspoiled, Financially Wise Children – Ruth’s Story

The Benefits of Using a “Buddy System” for Chores – Rebekah’s Story

How to Teach Your Children About Taxes (and Make it Fun) – Tom’s Story

How to Nurture the “Inner Giver” in Your Child – Rachel’s Story

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