Financial Wisdom from Parents About Kids & Money

And Why It Applies to People of ALL Ages

I’ve had the privilege of interviewing some incredible parents over the last year who are teaching their children how to win with money.  These parents are the real deal, teaching their kids daily lessons about money, work ethic, integrity and patience.  Turns out, their advice is great for everyone, so I’m sharing it today.

One mother shared with me about her 7-year-old son working and saving up $190 to go to LEGO camp.

Another parent shared how her children earn a commission, instead of an allowance, for chores done on their 35-acre hobby farm.

I call them “teachable moments” but most of the time it’s me, the parent, being taught a lesson when I read these incredible stories.

Below is a list of quotes from five parents who were interviewed in my “Teach Your Children About Money” series, each one imparting wisdom on her children.  Like I said, it’s great advice for all of us.


[Tweet “”God gave you what you have, be it a lot or a little. Manage it wisely.” – Andrea”]


[Tweet “”Money makes a great servant, but a poor master.” – Jennille”]


[Tweet “”There is always someone less fortunate than you, so appreciate every penny you have.” – Rachel”]


[Tweet “”In the ‘real world’ you have to earn what you want to spend.” – Kristen”]


[Tweet “”Debt is a prison. It takes the joy out of earning and the desire out of life.” – Miranda”]



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Have a blessed day and Happy Saving!

Do you have a favorite quote or verse about money?  Share it with us in the comments below!

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4 thoughts on “Financial Wisdom from Parents About Kids & Money

  1. How do I download Piggy Bank Quotes? I think I’ve missed something. (Typical for a no-tech-savvy person like me : )

    • Hey, Ruth! Fellow non-techy here, so you’re in good company. Since you are a subscriber, you should have received an email from me yesterday morning with a link to the Piggy Bank Quotes PDF. I will go ahead and resend the email to you just in case the first one didn’t go through.

      The way that first-time readers can access the PBQ resource is by subscribing to Piggy Bank Dreams either at the bottom of this blog post or on the sidebar to the right. After they confirm their subscription, the PDF will automatically arrive in their inbox.

      P.S. One of the 50 quotes is from your interview! 🙂