The Power of Listening to Your Child with Your Eyes

A lesson I learned on making eye contact with my children.

I spent the last six months frequently doing two things: Growing my freelance writing business and sticking my nose in my phone. I did many other things with my time, but this is my simple confession: There have been seasons when my “phone to kid” ratio was askew and something needed to change.

I tried a couple strategies like locking my phone, dumping my Facebook app, Twitter app, and Gmail app, and setting boundaries on when I wouldn’t conduct business at home (it’s awfully tempting!). I even wrote an article about those strategies in order to help others break away from their habit of checking their phone too often.

Oh, the irony.

Sure, progress was made. But, nothing was quite as effective as the day I found myself driving along in the rain, listening to an audio book called Have a Little Faith by Mitch Albom. A very brief anecdote was shared Рdare I say Рa parable. Its words soaked into my soul.

I pulled the car over and scrambled to write down what I’d heard.

It went far beyond how often I was checking my phone or how much time I spent on my business. It helped me realize how precious a commodity eye contact truly is. Especially on kids. Running a business is great. Routinely checking your email on your phone is fine.

Laughing at a viral video like the Happy Chewbacca Mom at Kohl’s is HIGHLY encouraged.

What matters most is whether or not you’re giving those kiddos (and your spouse) your full attention when you ARE with them.

Here is the little story that stopped my car in the rain and helped me become a better mom.

Read the full story here.


Have a blessed week.

(I really need to get one of those Chewbacca masks.)

Feature Image Credit: Paige Marie (UnSplash)

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4 thoughts on “The Power of Listening to Your Child with Your Eyes

  1. Happy Chewbacca Mom is the best!!! I love your message about eye contact with your children. It is so important that we let them know we are here to listen to everything they have to tell us. I also find that eye contact and connecting with my three year old can calm her down much faster when she gets emotional. Thank you for your post!

    • Oh man, I know. I can’t stop watching her video, haha. I love what you shared about helping your 3-year-old calm down by making eye contact with her, Starr. You’ve made me realize that that helps my children calm down, too. Now I can focus even more on that because sometimes their emotions really do take off like a rocket ship. Thanks!