Why I Quit Checking Facebook Before Breakfast

The other day, I set my alarm early to do some writing before breakfast.

Before the kids woke up.

Before washing the first load of laundry.

Before answering emails.


Right on cue, my cell phone chirped beside my bed.  I reached over to silence the alarm and start my day.

A new Facebook notification caught my eye.  Eventually I was checking my newsfeed.  Habit.  Fresh news of the outside world just a finger swipe away.  Plus, someone might have “liked” something I said.  Can’t miss that.

I was propped up on one elbow, eyes still sleepy, when I came upon an article that slammed my heart against my chest.  I didn’t even click on the link.  I don’t even remember the exact headline.  All I recall is the subject.  My greatest fear.

Child loss.

Two young parents had lost their newborn in a terrible accident.  There they were in my newsfeed, arms empty, faces grave.

I froze, my finger suspended over my phone’s screen.  I wasn’t even seeing my newsfeed anymore.  My mind’s eye was flooded with images of my two children.  What they looked like as newborns.  The sound of their laugh.

My stomach twisted in knots as I thought of two dear friends who had to say goodbye to their babies too soon.  My body ached as I imagined the pain and grief the family in that article must be feeling.

I prayed that God would bring this family peace.  I pleaded for Him to rescue me from the darkness of my raging thoughts.

In time, the pain eased, but as you probably guessed, my writing ambitions deflated like a balloon.  Any fledgling spark of creativity I had was drenched in the sorrow of bad news.

Reading the news is fine.  Learning what is important to your friends is great.  But if you want to start your day with wind in your sails, wait to check Facebook until after breakfast.



To build a solid defense, try this:

Log out of Facebook on your phone.

(Idea credit: Jon Acuff)

I’m serious!  Every time I do this step, day or night, I’m more focused.  My kids are fans of that.  My hubby is a fan of that.  My heart is a fan of that.


Now I’m taking things one step further.  I’m going on offense.

Try this:  Read the Bible Verse of the Day before breakfast

Never once have I read a Bible verse in the morning and been hit with despair.  Have I been challenged?  Inspired?  Encouraged?  Absolutely.  God can do big things with just a few words.

For example:


Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of mercies and God of all comfort, who comforts us in all our affliction…    – II Corinthians 1:3-4



Discussion Question:  Does bad news ever derail the positive start to your day?


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