12 Blogs That Save Me Money

Where Practical Meets Inspirational in a Frugal Blogging Community

Over the last year, I’ve searched for personal finance blogs that were really making a difference.  Words that come to mind are:  practical, inspirational, authentic community.  They are now my favorite genre to read.  The communities they’ve built are enthusiastic and always encouraging one another.  So here are 12 blogs I’ve followed over the last year that regularly save me money.

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The easiest way to categorize this list was in two categories: “Practical Blogs” and “Inspirational Blogs”, but I guarantee every one of these blogs offers both.  They may just lean more in one direction than the other.

Practical Blogs – Arming Me With Money-Saving Tools & Tricks

The Penny Hoarder – Earn money, save money or grow money with this one stop shop of frugal ideas.  What hooked me was all their terrific suggestions on how to boost your income.

Dave Ramsey Blog – Looking for a hands-on road map to financial freedom?  Dave Ramsey’s blog is jam packed with financial advice about housing, insurance, investing, relationships and even essential oils.  Quite literally, a road map to financial independence.

The Frugal Toad – Awesome frugality in one place, continually updated content and massively practical advice.

Money Saving Mom – Money advice from a mom, savings tips, household tips, couponing tips and a community of other hard-working moms who “get it”.

Rockstar Finance – This blog is dedicated 100% to showcasing the best personal finance articles circulating the internet.  From testing money-saving apps to not eating out for 30 days, this blog offers frugal advice that fits any reader in any stage of financial growth.

Christian Personal Finance/Seed Time – What does the Bible say about money?  How much should I give as a Christian?  How can I lead my family to financial independence?  Check out ChristianPF/SeedTime to find out.

Our Debt Free Family – Having a garage sale?  Want ideas for an inexpensive date night?  Monica’s got you covered.  When she’s not raising her little ones or hustling to pay off their house early, she’s writing about it on OurDebtFreeJourney.com.


Inspirational – Keeping Me Financially On Track

Budgets Are Sexy – “Where personal finance nerds are cool”.  The first thing that stood out to me about this blog (besides its epic title) was something called the “Challenge Everything Mission”.  The site’s creator, J. Money, challenged his readers to evaluate their budget and challenge every single item, leading by example.  It’s the radical moments like that that make me think people really do have the ability to become debt-free and retire early if they’re just crazy enough.

Well Kept Wallet – There must be several million dollars of debt paid off in all the personal testimonies on Deacon Hayes’ blog, WellKeptWallet.com.  Even we got to contribute our $22,000 debt-free story, feeling inspired all over again just by being a part of such an inspirational community.  If debt has you down, stop by for some real stories of hope and freedom.

The Frugal Farmer – If your frugal interests lie in self-sufficiency, check out Laurie, also known as The Frugal Farmer.  Not only does she offer firsthand advice on how to save money by living off the land, but she dials in on barriers of the heart and mind that prevent us from getting financially ahead.

Fruclassity – Ready for a conduit to other inspiring blogs?  What I love most about Fruclassity is that it embodies a frugal community co-ran by two passionate pf bloggers who have made frugal living a lifestyle.  It navigates readers toward healthier spending habits, finding contentment, and triumphing over debt.

Debt Discipline – Have you ever asked your teenagers if they would like to be millionaires?  Odds are they have an answer, and Brian at DebtDiscipline.com has some great advice on how to educate them.  Leading by example, Brian documents his own honest frugal journey and what lessons he is passing onto his children.


Blogging about personal finance is absolutely a community effort.  Sometimes I learn just as much in the comment section of a really great article as I do in the article itself.  I invite you to check out one or two of these blogs that have helped me and leave some comments.  May they add some money-saving encouragement to your day.

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  1. Thank you so much, Laura – I am honored to be included with such great company too! So happy to know that my words have inspired you, and thank you so much for reading!