4 Fines You Should Have Been Slapped With Already

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When you slip onto the wrong side of the law, whether accidentally or naively, there is only one thing worse than the possibility of having your impeccable record tarnished and that is getting slapped with the accompanying fine. Getting fined a $150 for doing 43kph in a 40 zone has this tendency to leave a very bitter taste in your mouth.

That’s why it is so important you know the rules. That way you can stay on the fine-free side of them. Unfortunately, you probably don’t know all the laws. So, without further ado, here are the wackiest Aussie laws you never knew existed, nevermind laws that could see your bank balance deplete faster than Donald Trump’s popularity.

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  1. Leaving A Car Unsecured Is Illegal

This may sound normal at first glance but just think about it for a moment. You may find yourself having to call a bunch of motor vehicle lawyers just because you cracked the windows of your truck six-centimetres so that the hot air could escape and it didn’t feel like a lava-based sauna by the time you got back in the cab. That’s because it is illegal to crack your window more than five centimetres – or leave your doors unlocked – in both Queensland and Victoria. Do it and you could get fined.

  1. Jay-Walking Is Just For Americans

That’s right. It is also illegal to cross the road while that little red man is waving at you, at least it is in New South Wales. We’re not by any means saying this is a ridiculous law because it clearly has a purpose; to protect you. However, if you ignore the red man or cross with twenty metres of a marked crossing then you may find a police officer slapping you with a $69 fine. It is the money thing that makes this a sad state of affairs, otherwise, it would probably be quite funny.

  1. Activating The Red Light Camera

We’ve all been in this position, where you are at the front of the queue, waiting for the traffic lights to go green as a train of rush hour traffic stands bumper to bumper behind you. Then, all of a sudden, you hear the sounds of an ambulance siren coming up behind you. Your only move is to pull forward and to the side right? Yes, but this is still illegal. Mmmm hmmm. Causing an accident or activating a red-light camera means you are at fault and liable for a fine and more.

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  1. Don’t Leave Your Keys

We’re back onto the whole car thing again, but this time the situation could be as confusing as it is annoying. Just imagine this, you’re running late for work but you need to post something on your way in, so you park up at the post office and leave the car running while you pop a letter into the box, only to see your car get stolen. What do you do? You call the police and explain, “Officer, I left the car running while I delivered a letter and someone stole my car.” What do they in response? “You left your keys in the car? You have the right to remain silent.” It’s madness.  

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