4 Hacks For Saving Money When Selling Your Home

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There are a lot of articles on the internet that will tell you the ins and outs of buying your own home. From the deposit to the conveyancing fees, there are a lot of costs involved with purchasing a property. There are also, surprisingly, costs involved when you sell a house, too.

A lot of sellers aren’t actually aware of the worth of their home, believing they need a fast sale at a lower price due to lack of equity, and here is where most sellers will lose money on their house. When you first bought your house, you potentially spent a lot of money over the years making small tweaks and upgrades to change the way things run. While these tweaks can help you modernise and sell your home, if you’re not aware of the change in the value, then what was the point? There are a lot of ways NOT to lose money when selling a house and we’ve listed four of these for you below.

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  1. Save The Fees. It’s always advised to get an experienced listing agent on hand to help, but the commission fees that you will end up paying out can be crippling on your sale. Using companies such as HungryAgents.com, you can save yourself some money and pay less of a fee to an agent. The idea is that you can spend less trying to sell your home!
  2. Price It Right. Before you can list your home as for sale, you need to know how much you are listing it for. If you overdo it on the price, your home can sit on the sales list for longer than planned, making it worth less in the eyes of a possible buyer. Price your house along the same line as other houses in the area that have sold and give your home a chance to get off the list. Go and visit the local homes for sale in the neighbourhood and see how much interest they have. If they are getting more interest than you, it’s a good way to see why.
  3. Home Prep. Staging is an important part of selling a home. You can read articles like these on how to set the stage for curb appeal to give you some tips on making your home scream ‘buy me’ to the people who pass by. While you’re at it, spend a little money sprucing up the interior of the house so that it’s fresh and ready for the buyers to view.
  4. Negotiate Fees. When you get handed a huge contract for the sale of your home, you will find a list of the fees that both the buyers and sellers will have to pay. It’s important to know that these costs are negotiable! Even if they are customary, you can negotiate and you can read more about that here.

Selling a home is not an easy feat, so get the appropriate advice before you get started so that you won’t be left on the shelf!


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