How to Live A Luxury Lifestyle On A Shoestring Budget!

5 Tips for a Luxury Lifestyle on a Budget

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In the age of social media, we’re all constantly bombarded with images of people living incredible luxury lifestyles that most of us will never be able to achieve.

Whether it’s Instagram models travelling all over the world or bloggers getting to eat at the world’s best restaurants, it’s easy to feel as though your life simply can’t compete with the amazing things that you see online.

However, just because you don’t have unlimited money to spend, doesn’t mean that you’re not able to live the kind of life that you really want. Sure, it’s not always possible but here are a few ways that you can live a luxury lifestyle while staying within a shoestring budget.

1. Know What You Want

When you see someone driving around in a luxury car or sailing on their private yacht, it can be easy to get sucked into wanting those things. But are they really what you want?

Take some time to think about what luxury means to you. How do you dress, what is your house like, what car do you drive (if you drive), how will you spend your time, etc?

Knowing the life you want and what luxury means to you makes it easy to live your life aligned with what you want. Decisions become easier, as do savings, investments, goals, all of it.

Saying no to things that don’t match what you want is only possible when you know what you want.

Luxury doesn’t have to mean flashy cars, yachts, and clothes. It might mean being financially free, travelling, doing courses you want, hiking, surfing, time with the kids, being debt free etc.

It’s your life so it is your choice how you live it and what luxury means to you.

2. Create a Saving Plan

One of the most common reasons that people aren’t able to live that luxury lifestyle is that they spend their money on other things that they really don’t need to impress other people. This is why step 1 is so important.

Once you know what you want, you can create a saving plan to make it happen.

Did you know $27.40 saved every day for a year is $10,000! 

It really is that simple. When you know what you want, break it down into small, achievable amounts and save those amounts. Be clear on exactly what you want though. Don’t put things on your list just because others want them or you saw them on social media.

3. Find Little Luxuries

What little luxuries do you enjoy? Often when on a strict plan to clear debt or save for something specific, we forget out little luxuries and instead cut everything out.

That daily coffee you enjoy from a particular cafe might isn’t going to break the bank. If it fits in your budget and savings plan, allow yourself those little luxuries. Or compromise by getting a coffee machine and your favourite beans to reduce the long term cost.

What do you enjoy doing or having and how can you make it happen on a budget? Google discount codes, coupons and special deals in your area to get the things like massages, holidays and clothes you really want.

Also remember, paying more for good quality items you enjoy and that will last is more frugal than getting the cheapest. 

Some Little Luxury Ideas

As already mentioned, a coffee maker with quality beans can make a real difference.

If you like tea, a nice tea set with real tea leaves and taking the time to enjoy it can be wonderful.

Planning holidays, weekends away and day trips breaks up the regular day to day.

Learn something you’ve always wanted to such as doing a cocktail class, wine appreciation, take some sailing lessons. Whatever it is you want in your luxury life, start doing some of it, even if it’s small.

4. Discounts

There are dozens of different ways to avoid paying full price for even the most expensive things in the world. Many luxury purchases like cars can have their prices haggled down pretty significantly.

With a bit of research, you can almost always find places online that show you where to find the best discounts on luxury items.

The other way to get these kinds of things cheaper is to start writing about them online. One of the reasons that bloggers get so many products and experiences is that companies give them to them for free in exchange for promotion. This is becoming less common though and you need to provide real value, not just ‘exposure.’

5. Make More and Invest

Saving money, being frugal, finding discounts etc will only get you so far. Ultimately, there are only so many ways you can cut back so you need to find ways to make more money.

Have your own business, look at different side hustles, think about what you enjoy and how you can make money from it. Then, with any extra money, invest it.

How you invest is up to you, depending on your goals. Investing for the longterm will enable you to have the kind of life you really want later instead of wasting it all now.

Books to Read

If you are interested in creating a more luxurious life, here a few books that can help you:

The Automatic Millionaire

We Should All Be Millionaires

Unleash Your Inner Money Babe

Quit Like a Millionaire

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  1. While it’s important to define what luxury means to you and live your life accordingly, it’s also important to remember that material possessions are not the only way to achieve luxury or happiness. It’s possible to live a fulfilling life without accumulating a lot of stuff, and focusing too much on material possessions can sometimes lead to disappointment and financial stress.