5 Reasons Why Insurance Is One of the Most Important Investments You Can Make

To some people, insurance is a necessary evil because they need it for legal purposes. For instance, many people simply purchase car insurance because it’s required for them to be legal on the road. For others, insurance is a safety plan that gives them peace of mind with certain things in life. Whatever you think about insurance, be it positive or negative, there’s no doubt that it’s one of the most important investments you could ever make in your life.

However expensive insurance can get, don’t think of it as a necessary evil that you need to purchase. Instead, think of it as an investment in the future of not just your life, but the lives of people around you. For instance, life insurance helps your family cope with funeral expenses and debts that you leave when you pass away. Medical insurance helps you cope with any future disabilities and current issues that you have. Home insurance can protect your property from damage, theft and a number of other unpredictable issues. In short, insurance is a way to give not just you, but the people around you a safety net when everything goes wrong.

So to further highlight the importance of insurance, here is a couple of reasons why you should stop thinking about it as a bad thing, and more of a mandatory investment to improve your lifestyle.


  1. Preparing for disasters

Two of the most common forms of insurance we get are car insurance and home insurance. This is usually to protect our assets and our possessions and it’s easy to see why it’s so popular. Let’s say you end up in a car accident. The costs of repairing your car will mount up depending on how severe the damage is, but no matter how much you pay in medical fees and maintenance costs, they will all be covered by your insurance company. Your car could end up in a river somewhere because someone decided to steal it and push it off a bridge, and you would still be covered. Not only do insurance companies give you a courtesy car, they’ll probably buy you a brand new vehicle if the old one can’t be replaced. In short, it allows you to continue your life with the least amount of issues and distractions which can help a tonne to reduce your stress.

  1. It’s compulsory in some parts of the world

In many parts of the world, purchasing medical insurance or car insurance is mandatory because it’s required by the law. There’s not much else to say besides it being mandatory for a reason. In the first point, we highlighted the importance of getting insurance to protect you from disasters, and it just so happens that some countries and states understand the importance of insurance to improve your quality of life, hence why they require it. The costs can be rather high, which means it’s important to shop around for quotes to ensure you’re paying the least amount you can.

  1. It ensures financial stability

In addition to giving you continuity in your life, it also allows you to be financially secure. For instance, when a family member passes away, there are many hidden costs that aren’t immediately obvious that could negatively impact the rest of the family. For instance, funeral costs can be fairly high, there are estate administration costs and depending on the services that you hire, these costs can easily amount to several thousand. It’s an unfortunate and sad reality, but there’s no avoiding the fact that a deceased family member could give you a hefty bill. This is why services like life insurance are so popular. They allow you to regain financial stability after the sudden death of a family member, and even if it’s not sudden, it helps you pay for all the costs that you’ll encounter in the future.


  1. It protects you from corporate bullies

Insurance is one of the first lines of defence against money-grubbing corporations. For example, nothing prevents a shoddy company from selling bad products that fail after the first few weeks, but when there’s insurance involved, it becomes completely different and companies will actively try to improve their products by testing for quality issues and fixing mistakes. Warranty is a form of insurance policy that allows consumers to buy with confidence. If they ever buy a product that doesn’t work or falls short of expectations, they’re legally allowed to replace or refund the product thanks to insurance. If you’re going to buy something expensive and critical to your life such as a refrigerator or a computer, then make sure you also purchase insurance via a warranty agreement so that it keeps working.

  1. It gives you support when you need it

Investing money into an insurance plan is a safe way to ensure you get support when you need it. For instance, medical insurance can be a great boon if you’re suffering from a disability or if your children require expensive medicine. Health insurance can also ensure that you get expert care whenever you suffer an accident instead of waiting around in long queues hoping to be seen. In some countries that offer free healthcare, people are still buying health insurance because it generally offers a better service than free alternatives. This enables them to get the support they need whenever they require it instead of hoping that the hospital is empty. This can lead to gruelling appointments, a lack of professional care, and possibly neglect from doctors that lead to further complications.

In short, insurance is one of the most important investments you can make for your life. Not only can it give you financial stability, it also offers you support whenever you need it and protection from companies that are looking to rob you of your hard-earned money. Stop seeing it as a necessary expense and instead, focus on the positive benefits it can offer and the peace of mind it gives you to make living your life more comfortable.

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