Effective Ways To Beat Financial Hardship

(image: pexels) We live in a time where the job market is more competitive than ever, and the unemployment line is growing. Furthermore, many people are struggling to earn a fair wage with zero contract hour jobs and are regularly dipping into savings to make ends meet. Perhaps you are struggling financially, or maybe you […]

5 Reasons Why Insurance Is One of the Most Important Investments You Can Make

To some people, insurance is a necessary evil because they need it for legal purposes. For instance, many people simply purchase car insurance because it’s required for them to be legal on the road. For others, insurance is a safety plan that gives them peace of mind with certain things in life. Whatever you think […]

Five Tips That Will Help You Manage Your Investment Property

If you’ve had a windfall, chances are you might have decided to focus on investing in property. After all, property will always be in demand – and it’s always nice to be able to look at a building and to know that that’s where your money is. Stocks and shares can sometimes feel a little […]

Help Your Kids Buy Their First Car With These Fast Lane Tips

It feels like they were learning to ride their bikes only yesterday. Today, they’ve passed their driving test and are chomping at the bit to gain some independence. Buying a car when you’re a teen is almost impossible to do, especially when you consider the cost of insurance. This is why they’ve come home with […]