5 Ways you can buy Gold coin online

Other than buying gold in its physical form or investing in gold based instruments, you can also buy gold coins online. This option of buying yellow metal is gold accumulation plans or GAP. With the help of this plan, you can buy any amount of gold online.

You can get digital gold offered via Paytm mobile wallet and GoldRush which is given by Stock Holding Corporation of India. Both these ways of buy gold coin online involve MMTC – PAMP. Read on to know more about the ways in which you can buy gold coins online.

Buying coins from online dealers

Buying gold coins online definitely comes with some risks as you have to pay via the online mode. In this case, you have to trust the dealer as you are unable to meet him in person. But chances of risks can be reduced with making the purchase from a reputed dealer.

One of the advantages of buying from an online dealer is that it is cheaper compared to any local stores. Before making the final decision of purchasing online, you should check the displayed price of the product properly. Also, check whether shipping charges and insurance charges are included within it or not. In this way, when buying online, you get to know whether you are paying for any hidden charges or not. Therefore, it would be helpful if you prefer purchasing from a transparent dealer.        

What are the features of buying online gold coins?

  • With the help of the plans of GAP, you can buy gold coins in the form of 25 karats or 999 fineness gold. Whichever mode you are planning to buy a gold coin from, there is a certain minimum amount to buy it.
  • It has further been stated that you can buy a minimum value of rupees 1,000 or any multiples of 100 according to your wish. Therefore, there is no such fixed amount or conditions of period payments when planning to buy gold coins online.
  • When you are buying through Paytm, you can make the purchase as low as of rupee 1. With the help of this plan, you can buy or sell in small fractions such as 0.1 grams or rupee 1 or rupees 2 and the like.        

Features of ways to buy gold coins online via Paytm

  • When you plan to buy gold coin online via Paytm’s Digital Gold mode, you have the provision to buy it either in the measurement of grams or rupees.
  • The minimum value of purchase can be as less as rupee 1. Similarly, the minimum amount of gold coin to be purchased can be a minimum amount of 0.1 grams as well.
  • You get the facility of buying the gold coin online even on the bank and public holidays.
  • The prices of any gold coins are inclusive of taxes, foregoing exchange conversion, operational costs. But it does not include any manufacturing costs, delivery charges and making charges. Therefore, as said earlier, the price of the gold coins changes from time to time.
  • The price with which you buy or sell the gold coins online is only valid for 6 minutes.
  • The minimum quantity that you can redeem the digital form of gold into gold coins is 1 gram.

What are the features when buying from GoldRush?

  • The minimum value of purchasing gold coins can vary from rupees 1,000 to any multiples of rupees 100. The maximum amount for a single purchase can be of rupees 49,999.
  • The withdrawal and buying of coins can be done anytime within the span of 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year.
  • The prices of gold coins are offered in rupee terms. This you can get by converting US dollars into Indian currency.
  • The minimum quantity to buy gold coin online is 1 gram.
  • The prices might vary, and daily updates will be given.

Buying gold coins from eBay

You can also buy gold coins online via eBay. It is easy and offers free shipping facilities. But it has the risk factors as you are buying the gold coin from a private party dealer who posts about products on this online platform. People who are buying from this platform are usually investors, and they are aware of good deals to look for. Therefore, if you are buying gold coins for the first time, it is advisable that you should not start making the purchase via eBay. In order to so, it is better to have adequate experience and knowledge about the gold coin market.

Buy coins from money metals exchange

This website is a popular one through you can buy gold coins. It has gained popularity in its recent times not only a seller but also as advisor of numismatic aficionados. With over 75,000 buyers from this website, it provides quality items at affordable rates. The gold coins that you buy from this site offers a rate closer to its melting price. Therefore, it does not offer an expensive rate for buying gold coins.

Bullion Vault

This is another famous website that is doing wonders in online purchase of gold coins. This is a quick and easy to use online platform for investors to get access to the professional gold coin market. The buyers can get cut-rate prices on the coins they purchase. One of the reasons for choosing this source if the low rate of insurance and storage costs offered by the site.

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