7 of the Best Money Books for Moms

With so many books out there it can be hard to know which ones to read. As moms, we are busy and often don’t get the time to read at all. So here are our top picks.

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1. We Should All Be Millionaires

Probably one of the best money books any woman could read. From Rachel Rodgers, a millionaire businesswoman, We Should All Be Millionaires outlines how to do it, how to manage life and includes all the statistics that matter.

Be surprised at the reality of money, business and what women, especially women of color are up against. We all know we are underpaid but what can you do about it? Plenty and We Should All Be Millionaires shows you how.

Take the $10,000 challenge, make more money, invest in yourself and live the wealthy life you want.

2. Lucky Bitch

With a completely different vibe, Lucky Bitch is still about women being successful and wealthy, the focus is on the law of attraction and manifesting your life with practical action you can take. Denise Duffield-Thomas is another seven-figure businesswoman who wants to help women with their money.

Her course, Money Bootcamp is extremely successful but Lucky Bitch is where it starts for most. Clear your money blocks, take action to make more money and believe in yourself.

3. Quit Like A Millionaire

See a theme with the books here? Millionaire status is achievable and a goal for many. Quit Like A Millionaire has an incredible example from the author about growing up in China, and experiencing true poverty. Their life shows how a scarcity mindset isn’t a bad thing and how it can help you manage your money better so you can retire sooner.

Quit Like A Millionaire includes a life story, real experience, and tips on money management and investing. Investing and making your money work for you is key to wealth and financial freedom.

4. The Psychology of Money

How we think greatly impacts how we handle money. The Psychology of Money is an easy read but so informative. Another book with statistics, and research presented in an easy-to-understand format along with financial tips.

The Psychology of Money is eye-opening and will help you change those bad habits by shining light on why you do what you do when it comes to money. We’ve all been influenced in our lives in different ways but how we were born and raised doesn’t need to determine how we live and what we teach our own kids.

Be the change and be the example. Use the tips here to change your bad habits and make a better life for yourself and your kids.

5. Profit First

Everyone in business needs to read Profit First. It is the easiest money management system for any business and guarantees you profit. Too many business owners have profit on paper when it comes to doing their accounting but most don’t have the actual cash.

Learn how to set up a system that ensures actual profits and makes money easy for businesses.

6. The Big Leap

Don’t dismiss The Big Leap because the cover is too simple. The Big Leap is a game-changer for everyone who reads it. We all self-sabotage but what if we could learn why we do the things we do and stop those bad habits to make life so much more enjoyable?

Instead of ruining the good things in our lives, we can recognise it, stop it and continue to enjoy life as well as build a life we love.

7. Chill And Prosper

Another book by Denise Duffield-Thomas, Chill and Prosper is all about having a business that works for you and the lifestyle you want. She shares her tips for all aspects of the business as well as her mindset. You don’t need to be a slave to your business or work for pennies.

Get control of your mindset, set up systems, know the life you want and make it happen.

What money book do you recommend?

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