Wealth Building is the Launch Pad for These 3 Things

We all want to get rich.  You’re not Ebeneezer Scrooge for wanting that.

Mathematically, if you earn an average income (in America, that’s $50,000 per household), live on less than you make, and invest wisely, then you should retire wealthy. There are variables, but this is my point:

If you stick to it, you’ll probably make it. What will you do once you’re “rich”? (Trick question! Compared to most of the world, we are already rich).

Our 3 Wealth Building Goals

We are a family of four on a single income. We’re in the early stage where our only “wealth” is measured in smiles and Eskimo kisses. Livin’ on love. Yet, I am fine stating that we have every intention of building wealth.

Image of woman in pink dress holding phone. Text reads 3 Wealth Building Goals

Here are three reasons why:

1. Giving Bigger

The other day, my husband and I met a couple in their early 30’s. The man works in a factory. They have three children. In 12 years, they’ve never taken a vacation.

I observed the dejected look on the husband’s face. So young to look so hopeless.

My hubby told him about getting out of debt, how we have, and hope.

The man’s entire countenance changed. “We need that.”

Later, my husband told me, “I wish we could have just written them a check and sent them on a vacation.”

That one statement is what inspired me to write this blog post.


  • Tight on cash but still wish to give?  Pay for the person behind you in the drive-thru.  
  • Up the ante. Pay for someone’s groceries.  
  • Try these 6 tips.

2. Loving Bigger 

When I was 21, I moved to a new city to take care of my terminally ill grandmother.  My aunt and uncle flew in every month to visit her. Often, they’d take me out for a special dinner or take me shopping.

They took the time and money to invest in family. What a gift that was.

Today, we live 600 miles away from my in-laws. Our children only get to see their grandparents once or twice a year.  I want to do as my aunt and uncle did. I want to make visiting and investing in the family one of our highest priorities.

Building wealth would make us more available to travel. Simple as that.


  • It doesn’t always take money to re-connect with family. Choose someone to call, Skype or mail a card to this week. I bet it will make their day.

3.  Dreaming Bigger

Someday I would love to get our 82-year-old piano restored.

Someday my husband wants a music room so he can write and record.

Someday our children will probably go to college.

Someday we will retire.

A trip to Hawaii would be nice too.


  • Save money.  
  • Never forget #1 and #2.

Wealth building is the launchpad for dreaming bigger, loving bigger and giving bigger.

Moral of the story.

What’s one way you’ve been blessed by someone else’s generosity?

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2 thoughts on “Wealth Building is the Launch Pad for These 3 Things

  1. Laura,
    You are always so inspiring, honest and you are such a great writer. I love getting caught up on your blog. Thanks for sharing your experiences!

    • Sara, my friend, how great to hear from you! Thank you so much for taking a moment to check out my blog. And for your compliments! I love that I’ve finally found a way to marry my passions – writing and family finance.

      I miss you guys dearly – thankfully social media helps bridge the gap between us. Not close enough though.

      Let me know one topic you’d love to see on this blog. And feel free to subscribe!