Why I Went Offline for the Weekend


Sometimes I guess you just have to log off and live life.  I really needed this reminder.  I normally write a fresh blog post about finance or personal development every Monday and Friday, but I skipped one for the first time this week.

My family reunion took place over the fourth of July.  We were so deep in the Blue Ridge mountains that our cell phones made better coasters than mobile devices.

So it’s not that I wanted to go completely off the grid – believe me, I TRIED to connect.  I sat there refreshing the screen over and over like those people shoving crumpled dollars into the vending machine that says “Out of service”.

Not pretty.

But once I gave up trying:

  1. I looked less ridiculous.
  2. I spent more time with family.
  3. All sorts of fun things started happening.

For example:

Bluegrass hoedowns.  (The spinning tater chip in the pink top is mine.  She’s dancing with all her cousins.  I call her move “the whirling dervish”.)


Go live some life.

And when you’re done, tell us about it.

Then, stay tuned for more Piggy Bank Dreams action happening soon.


Join the discussion:  Are you traveling this summer?  Tell us about it in the comment section labeled “Disqus” below!

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2 thoughts on “Why I Went Offline for the Weekend

  1. Looks like a great time! We are heading out to California in a few weeks to visit family. Looking forward to making some memories!