3 Methods Of Teaching Yourself Valuable Business Skills


Knowledge is power, and in the business world, this is perhaps the truest. When it comes to a highly competitive industry or a collaborative environment, the content of your knowledge will be the most important method of directing yourself through your select industry. This means every business leader will need to go through a maturation period in order to teach themselves vital skills they will use until the day they retire.

There are many methods of doing this, and all of them are valid. However, it’s worth knowing where to start so you do not become immediately burnt out by difficulty, or take on too much at once. After all, someone can learn business matters quite easily via opening their own firm, but without a bedrock of knowledge, they are likely to be taught brutally, whereas foresight will teach gently.

To teach yourself valuable business skills, you should look in a variety of places. This compilation of the best three should help you get started on the path you feel the most appropriate to your needs:

Public Speaking Organizations

The ability to speak well in front of a crowd will serve you well during your entire career. There are many reasons as to why this is the case. To stand and confidently speak about your product is not always easy to do, but if you can it will show a personal passion for the product, a confidence in your business and a steadfast clarity of vision. Presenting in this manner is exceptionally important, whether you’re speaking to thousands or a boardroom of three important individuals. Learning how to do this will help you on a macro sense, and that can apply to all the micro presentation habits you need to try and sell your way of thinking.

For example, applying for a job, securing an investor, launching a product or almost anything that requires you to sell an idea about yourself or an object can be impacted by confident communication skills. However, these aren’t the only practical examples of this. In the most popular self-help book ever written (How To Win Friends & Influence People by Dale Carnegie,) the author asserts that over 85% of his surveyed bosses and CEO’s believe interpersonal skills to be a more valuable skill than book smarts or actual knowledge about the matter in question. This is because knowledge can be taught, but skill in communication takes time to hone. This is because communication is an art. It requires brevity, responsiveness, patience, the willingness to listen and engage in a conversation, not simply implant your own thoughts into the other person’s perception.

With the right public speaking organization such as Toastmasters or a more local group, you can begin to cultivate this skill. As you grow in confidence, you will find yourself becoming a great business presence, and people will begin to notice you quite rapidly.

Management Rights Involvement

There is almost no better method than getting stuck into business practices if you hope to teach yourself. Of course, it’s not wise to go into this without any experience or knowledge, but if you have some this can be one of the most perfect safety nets to begin. With the right management rights finance you could find a business longing for someone to run it, and consult the owners regarding the business’s direction and that which you hope to achieve. This can be an essentially important thing to experience, as not only are you almost gifted the vision of the firm, but you might have room to place your own flair on it, and benefit greatly as a result.

Management rights can be quite tricky in terms of how you portion the investment of the firm, and how to collaborate with your owners. It will change on a case by case basis. This is an absolutely excellent option to choose as it offers you an almost ‘speed test’ of getting to grips with a wide range of businesses, but it pays to pore over the contract and understand what you’re getting into before you take the bull by the horns.

Internships & Apprenticeships

If you’re getting started from the basic level, it can be important to begin an internship or an apprenticeship into business life. Sometimes these programs might not be called by these names, especially in higher end firms. It might be an enrolled course you partake in to work at one firm exclusively, but often these can be quite competitive, as a job is practically guaranteed.

It might be that it takes a certain gumption to ask to shadow a certain firm. It might be you ask to work for free for a time in order to get your foot in the door (but don’t sell yourself short.) Luckily, it will only take a short time of personal sacrifice before you begin to build your business skills and make contacts. This last point is essentially important here. You need to network, network, network. Who you know is more important than what you know in the initial stages of business, From there, and with the willingness to learn, listen and prove yourself, you have your foot in the door to learn valuable business skills.

However, be sure to check what programs are being offered by certain firms, colleges and universities. For example, in Germany in the early 2000s, course fees were being paid for those wishing to study a film course abroad, as the government had subsidised an effort into becoming more prominent in the arts and cinema scene. There are many established practices like this for many different industries, so be sure to see what financial compensation you could find to learn from scratch. A burgeoning new career could be yours for the taking.

Learning valuable new skills isn’t always easy. It might be you need to learn how to communicate, network, how to find programs, how to manage a business with current owners, and to climb the ladder step by step before certain lessons become cemented. With the right effort to push forward however, you could learn some truly enviable abilities in the business world, and be sought after as a result.

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