Beginners guide on how to make money online using Upwork

Are you struggling to find work online?  Is your boss too demanding? Or do you want to be your boss? These are the natural question we often come across in our day to day life. Nobody like a demanding boss or a job that take all their time.

To escape all this, you have always opted to work online but don’t know where exactly to start from or a good online site that can make you cash.

If that is the case, then for sure you are in the right place to get all your questions right. The purpose of this preview is to help you understand how you can make money online using credible and reliable site like Upwork.

Other than Upwork, there are several other sites online that can make you pay at the comfort of your home.

The following tips and guidelines provide you with the necessary pieces of equipment and information on how to make money online while using Upwork.

Create an account

Upwork is a global online marketplace where buyers and sellers meet to do business remotely. Creating an account with Upwork is free of charge and only requires your valid credentials.

After successfully creating your account, it is important to invest your time in learning how Upwork works before embarking on business.

Below are some valuable tips that can get you started on Upwork or even get you more jobs.

  1. Create an outstanding profile

Upwork boost of over twelve million freelancers. Though some are inactive, lack required experience, submit low quality work output, etc. it is still without a doubt there are thousands of people that can give you a run for your money.


To beat this massive competition, it narrows down to your profile. Put your best profile picture, add your correct credentials and make an effort to write the best and clear bio and description that can easily resonate with your potential employers.


  1. Only bid for works you are sure you can deliver.

Being a jack of all trades can cost you on Upwork. Always go through the work available and make it a habit of bidding only for jobs you feel particular about and seem to be the best fit for your niche.


This method worked perfectly for me when I started as a freelancer on Upwork. I went for the most comfortable job that I thought best suited me and did a WOW job for my client. He later rewarded me with more jobs, and the rest is history.


Additionally, it is essential to go through the terms and conditions of Upwork and comply with them. Just like all other mega online marketplaces, Upwork always requires you to adhere to and follow their terms and condition.


Generally, it is worth remembering not to make any transaction with your client outside Upwork platform, never make multiple profiles, don’t send similar proposals to different clients over and over again. If you stay within the confines of these rules, you are good to go.


  1. Make your clients happy

Many blogs have always emphasized on making your clients happy but have failed to give a clear description of how to do it. Making your client happy can be beneficial especially if you are a newbie.

Below are some few tricks you can use to achieve this goal.

  • Submit quality work to your client. This is only possible if you bid for jobs you are sure of as I have mentioned above.
  • Deliver your work on time. Nothing puts the client off like delivering your work late. Manage your time entirely always to avoid the unnecessary rush that can make lead to poor quality work.
  • Still be available for your clients whenever they need your assistance.
  • Improve your communication skill. It is essential to have a positive conversation with your clients to help your offer the best services to them. If you get this right, the possibility of your retaining clients is high, and in the best case scenario, they can make references to you.


  1. Advertise your profile.

Getting your profile out there for the public to see can increase traffic on your Upwork profile resulting into more jobs. You can achieve this by sharing your profile on social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram, twitter, etc.


Online jobs are opening up opportunities for people all over the world; don’t be late to join the party. The earlier you start the better. Join Upwork today and see how your life changes. You can see the main site here.

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