5 Reasons Why You Should Rent TVs Instead of Buying Them

The price of televisions has risen sharply in the last two decades. The manufacturers believe they are justified in charging a higher price due to technological advances in display, colour, sound and screen sizes.

Many consumers find it difficult to keep up with the current television trends. Given the high price tag and rapid advances in technology, spending thousands of dollars on television which may become obsolete in a few years doesn’t appear to be a good bargain.

One option that homeowners have is a rental television. With a rental T.V., you don’t have to pay any upfront costs and monthly rentals are pretty easy on the budget. In this blog, we will cover 5 reasons why you should consider renting your television instead of buying one.

No Upfront Cost

A standard, new television set costs somewhere between $1,100 and $2,500. You can find models that are slightly cheaper or more expensive. For example, some models of Samsung Ultra-HD 75-inch smart T.Vs can cost upwards of $6,500. That is pretty expensive and a lot of money to pay for just a television set.

Many people put off buying a new T.V. set because it costs too much to upgrade. By getting a T.V. on rent, however, you can get the T.V. without worrying too much about costs upfront.

Upgrade Any Time

Like any other electronic device, televisions get updated frequently. It can be annoying to buy an expensive television for $1,700 only to find ten months later that a new and better model is available in the market.

When you are renting a T.V. you don’t have to worry about your T.V. set becoming obsolete. You can talk to your provider and get the rental contract upgraded to the latest model.

Easy Maintenance

When you are renting, the T.V. ownership remains with your provider. If you face any problems with the set, you can simply call the lease-out company to come over and get it fixed. The maintenance and repair charges are part of the rental payments and save you from any unexpected costs.

You also don’t have to worry about setting up the T.V. yourself. Your renting company will set up the T.V. for you where you want and exactly how you want it done.

A Large Number of Options

One of the best things about renting a T.V. is that you get a variety of options. Whether you want to get a large 70-inch screen LED for the living room or a 14-inch screen for your computer, a T.V. rental company will get you exactly what you want.

This is particularly useful for students and people renting a property on a short-term lease. Landlords are not required to provide you with a T.V. but you can get one on a short term lease. You can get a flexible contract for the duration of your stay and terminate it whenever you need to move out.

Selling Is Not a Problem

If you own a T.V. and want to upgrade to a newer model, you often want to sell the old set to someone else. This can be a nuisance if you are unable to find buyers.

When you rent a T.V. you don’t have to worry about selling the old set before you can buy a new model

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