5 Tips for WAHM’s from a Sustainable Business Coach

With 3 kids and a successful coaching business, Sian Young has some great tips for other WAHM’s.

After burning out helping over 5000 women in my first business I knew I needed to change the way I worked and trained as a health coach. Then I naturally married my love for the environment and my knowledge that healthy & happy people treat the environment with the same care and love they feel for themselves.

Now, I run online classes to support my clients to create an Eco-friendly lifestyle

My Top 5 Tips for Other Work at Home Moms/Mums?

1: Create an empowering environment where your family feel and act as part of the team.
2: Then delegate tasks to the team.
3: Make sure you have a specific place for you to work.
4: Gather the family once per week to debrief so that you can all check what is working or not working and collaborate to optimising the team plan.
5: If it is not done and it’s not your task DON’T DO IT!

My Marketing Tips

Building my profile on TV, Magazines, Publications, Speaking and Podcasts has been fantastic for my business and most of it can be done for free. Be proactive, respond to callouts and network. Become an expert media can rely on.

Also, I make my profile work for me to reach more people via Facebook/Linkedin/Instagram/Twitter and website. Work all of them with a proper plan.

Lastly, Be Present!

I have a 22-year-old boy who is a straight-A uni student, 18-year-old son from another mother who is on a football scholarship and 2-year-old girl. So a beautiful blended mixed family, giving me a lot of experience over the years juggling family and business.

Make sure you are present with your children when you are spending time with them because this not only buys you more time to work it is a great mindfulness tool to defrag your mind from work. This means when you refocus on work you have clarity of mind and your children are happy.

Check out Sian Young.

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