Motherhood Meets Career: Crafting Success from Your Living Room

Balancing the demands of motherhood with the responsibilities of a work-from-home career is a formidable yet rewarding endeavor. T his guide shared by Piggy Bank Dreams aims to provide mothers working from home with actionable strategies to harmonize their dual roles. Emphasizing time management, workspace organization, and self-care, the guidance here is tailored to help […]

Motherhood Meets Career: Crafting Success from Your Living Room

What to do When you Can’t get Childcare or Can’t Afford Childcare

As a working mom, childcare is essential. For too many, it is becoming next to impossible to get, not to mention extremely expensive.  If you are a low-income earner, returning to the workforce, just starting your business, or returning from maternity leave or time off, you might not have the budget. Fewer people than ever […]

5 Ways to Make Extra Money in Time for The Festive Season

How to Make Money During and in Time for the Festive Season You may not be ready to say goodbye to summer; however, it’s pretty much packed up and left for another year. Fall is arriving, which means the following season will be filled with festivities, and added cost to your family life. It’s always […]

5 Tips to Reduce Stress as a Work at Home Mum/Mom from Get Mentally Fit

How can you Juggle Working From Home with Your Husband and Reduce Stress? My name is Emily Johnson (Psychologist), I am the proud Co-found of Gold Coast based training and coaching company, Get Mentally Fit. Our mission is to proactively guide clients through the beneficial process of developing preventative, practical skills and habits that enable […]