5 Ways to Earn $500 per Week

How to get an extra $500 a week

The first goal I set when I took over this site was to earn $2,000 in profit per month or $500 per week. A lofty goal to some, one I felt was achievable within a month and I did it.

How can you make $500 a week as a work at home mom?

1. Sell Things Online

Make over $10,000 a month doing this when you are into it and know what you are doing. Buy stuff that is being liquidated, reduced to clear and for ridiculously low prices then re-sell elsewhere.

Go to yard sales and buy up items such as games, brand clothes and anything else you know sells well on eBay, Facebook Marketplace, niche groups, Craigslist or Amazon.

You can research on the spot with your phone to see how much items have sold for, get home, take pictures and list the items immediately. Then you need only wait for a sale and post the item.

I’ll start with what I have to sell off first, then have set aside time each week to go out hunting.

2. Freelance Writing

I know people making over $100,000 a year with freelance writing which is well above the $500 prerequisite here, others have made $1,200 in their first few months. I see rates from $15 through to $2,000 per article and there are plenty of sites that pay $50 to $100 for an article.

5 to 10 articles will get you the $500 at low rates but if you are charging more (and easily could) you could make $500 with 1 article.

3. Your Own Business

Whether you decide to run a cleaning business, make things to sell, dropshipping or anything else, running your own business is a good way to make $500+ a week. I’ve owned various businesses over the years and if you run it well, charge properly, market it and outsource then the $500+ is easy.

4. eBooks or Courses

Create your own eBooks to sell or courses and that $500+ could be yours in no time. You can even outsource the writing/creation if you know what you want to do it about. The key is marketing it and knowing your audience.

Amazon is one place to sell books and you don’t need a publisher to do it. I would advise getting an editor and doing a great cover though to ensure your book is quality and sells well.

5. Random Gigs

On sites such as Airtasker, Craigslist and even community noticeboards or groups on Facebook, there are loads of random gigs. I’ve made up to $1,000 in a week doing things such as dog walking, cleaning, car washing, gardening etc.

Most of the sites will take a fee so be sure to take that into consideration when applying for jobs.

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