7 Reasons Why Costco Loves Moms

Why I shop at Costco more than any other grocery store (and don't mind bringing my kids)

I’ve had a Costco membership for almost two years and I have no intention of canceling it soon. Last year, I even laid out 11 reasons why I renewed my Costco membership. Well, I’m back to tell you that Costco is still a great company, and it also loves moms.

7 Reasons Why Costco Loves Moms

I don’t know if they hooked me with their gigantic boxes of a bazillion granola bars or if the discounted 5-pound bags of chicken nuggets first made me weak in the knees.

Despite the mandatory coma nap that ensues after hauling every large box and crate from my trunk, up my stairs, and into my house only to attempt putting everything away in one go and usually only managing the cold stuff, I still love me some Costco.

Here are 7 reasons why:

1. Stuff lasts forever.


When you buy massive quantities of toilet paper, napkins, paper towels, dishwasher soap, detergent, Cheerios, giant tubs of peanut butter, or rice, it’s going to last forrrreeevvvvveeerrrrrrr. It’s bliss. Except the 25-lb bag of white rice on our counter for the last six months. I didn’t really think that one through when I did it. But, hey, we always have rice.


2.  Stuff is so healthy.


I actually tried quinoa for the first time because of Costco. Chicken sausage was also a first. After my husband and I bought a large bag of organic dark chocolate and raspberry granola, my whole family became parfait eaters. So much of what they offer is natural and organic, especially their own brand, Kirkland Signature. 

I can throw together a lot tastier and healthier meals for my family with a lot less work and a lot less cost.


3.  Samples equal free snack time.


When my kids lock eyes on what they want in a grocery aisle, a pretty hairy fit is lurking somewhere in the wings. It doesn’t always show itself, but when it does… ::sigh::

Costco often provides free samples throughout the store (THANK YOU FOR LOVING ME). The workers at each station are polite and even say cute stuff to my kids. I get a free snack and two content munchers staying put in their seats. Ah, bliss. Plus, that nacho + mango salsa number we just sampled was super tasty and something we’d actually consider buying. Points for Costco.


4.  The staff actually cares.


Turns out, when you run a company well like W. Craig Jelinek, CEO of Costco, and you pay your employees well, – even raising their entry level wage to $13.50 per hour – you get a great company. Whether my kids see Mr. Incredible and Batman stocking shelves on super hero day or I get to relax in the checkout lane as employees load my items onto the conveyor belt or the gas station attendant speaks politely instead of railing me for accidentally entering the one-way station incorrectly, I’ve been very impressed with the service provided.

Their good attitudes make a huge impression on this mom AND her kids.


5.  The shopping carts have room for two kids.


Not even kidding: Sometimes I choose where I’ll buy groceries based on where my children will sit and if they have room. It already takes so much energy to shop; I don’t want to chase my bored deserter two-thirds of the way through my trip. Costo’s shopping carts resemble Buicks. Even though I’m 5’1″ and can barely see over the top (sliiiiight exaggeration), I love how much kids both easily fit side by side in one cart.


6.  Moms save money.


After two years of shopping at Costco, here are the four biggest ways I save money:

  • Discounted price on bulk items. Thirty large rolls of quality toilet paper for $16.99? Yes, please.
  • Cheaper gas prices (for Costco members only).
  • An annual 2% cash back reward on most purchases when you have an Executive membership (no credit card involved).
  • Less frequent shopping trips. Because I buy in bulk, I only do two big grocery trips each month, saving money on all those extra things I compulsively buy simply by being at the store. Sure, I make quick stops for things like bananas and milk, but going on less big trips is a win-win.

7. No crowds, tight spaces, or long lines.


Can we just talk about how much space we moms take up with our kids in tow? How many squeaky, little “Excuse me”s or “I’m sorry”s do you hear from that tired mom pushing an overflowing cart rocking her mom bun and using her free hand to navigate her oldest on foot through the crowded breakfast aisle?

Aisles at Costco are larger and longer than their competitors, dispersing the masses on their busiest days. There are two workers at every checkout lane, often with a supervisor guiding shoppers to the next available checkout. This nearly eliminates the wait, which makes this mom very happy to be leaving with quasi-happy kids.

Not to mention, the parking spaces have wide shoulders between each slot, making it so easy to navigate your shopping cart in and around parked cars without walking on egg shells (that is, unless your toddler dumped a carton of eggs. Then you might, quite literally, be walking on egg shells).

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(I don’t receive any compensation from Costco for writing this review. I honestly just want to share my experience with other moms in the hopes that it will make your life easier, healthier, and more frugal.)

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