Boost your credit score by following the smartest tricks – Advice from experts

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It is vital to note mending bad credit is almost like losing weight; while it takes lot of time, there’s no quick way to fix up your score. In fact, among all the other ways of repairing your credit score, the ones that promise quick fix are the ones which backfire. You should be aware of any advice which claims to boost your credit score fast as this is nothing but a farce. The best possible advice for rejuvenating your credit is by managing credit over time. If you didn’t do that, you should immediately repair your credit history in order to find improvement of your credit score.

Here in this post, we offer you a list of the steps that you can take in order to boost your credit score and increase your creditworthiness. Check out the steps that you should take.


Apply for new lines of credit


Did you know that the credit utilization ratio or the debt as against your credit limit constitutes 30% of your score? Hence you would want a healthy ratio which is 30% of less than that. Besides paying off debt, you may even request your present lender to increase the limit or let you open a new card which you would use rarely. If you wish to take out loans online from Northcash, check whether or not they offer you high rates or affordable ones. Know how much will taking on new credit, improve your score. Ask FICO or Equifax whether or not this will give you a jump of 50 points.


Include positive details on your credit report


Watch out for accounts which are in good standing and which aren’t listed on your credit report. For instance, you may have had a phone contract for a long time and also a worthy payment history, this could help you increase your credit history and your score. Similarly, this is applicable for your internet, cable and other utility providers.


Repay your cards at least twice in one month


You would think that paying off your credit card every month would lead to $0 balance on your credit report but this is not just the case. Your credit report will reflect the balance on the specific day on which the lender reports and this means that even a balance which is high temporarily will result in a lower score or a poor credit utilization ratio. Hence, you should pay off your balances twice a month in order to keep down your balances. Send a payment immediately in case you wish to make a bigger purchase.


Shop around for new loans in a short span of time


This won’t boost your score but it can definitely safeguard it from plummeting. Every time you apply for new credit, the potential lenders will ask you for a hard inquiry of your report to check your past financial behavior. Each time they demand your report, this will hit your score. However, there is an exception because if you shop around for car, mortgages or student loans within a time of 14-45 days, your score won’t get hurt.


A stellar credit rating will be required when you apply for a job, apply for an apartment, apply for a loan or a credit card. Henceforth, follow the above mentioned points to boost your credit score and stay creditworthy.

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