Small Changes You Can Make to Sort out Your Financial Troubles

Unless you’re a frugal wizard, you’re probably going to end up putting yourself in a bad financial situation at some point in your life. No one can resist the temptation of buying something on sale even if it’s slightly out of our budget, and there are people who have trouble saving money for even the […]

Effective Ways To Beat Financial Hardship

(image: pexels) We live in a time where the job market is more competitive than ever, and the unemployment line is growing. Furthermore, many people are struggling to earn a fair wage with zero contract hour jobs and are regularly dipping into savings to make ends meet. Perhaps you are struggling financially, or maybe you […]

Getting the Most Amount of Cash For Your Home

The process of selling your home is never as straightforward as you’d like it to be. But sometimes it’s more complicated than necessary, if only because we didn’t get as much money for the property as we could have or should have. The important thing to remember is that how much money we get for […]

Need for Unlisted Firms to Issue Demat Forms

Source Under the Companies Act, 2013 joint-stock companies are of two categories: public companies and private companies. Public companies have greater than 200 members/shareholders and are heavily regulated by the authorities. Further, if these companies are listed on the stock exchange, they have to follow strict corporate governance norms and comply with listing and other […]