DIY Cloth Baby Wipes in 3 Steps

DIY Cloth Baby Wipes




Newborns burn through diapers quicker than flies on a dropped french fry.

Both of our children are in diapers, so it’s no surprise that we’re low on wipes often.  Since I already had many of these materials on hand, this project was practically FREE.

What you need:






  1. Cut your used white t-shirts into square rags larger than disposable wipes.  My husband’s XL t-shirts yield eight rags each.
  2. Bring water to boil.  Measure out three cups and let cool.
  3. Stir in oils and baby wash.  Funnel mixture into spray bottle.


You’re ready to go!


Also, consider what a handy baby shower gift this would make.  Instead of old t-shirts, buy remnants with fun patterns.  Throw in a pile of diapers and that mama will love you all the more.  Don’t forget to include the ingredients on the label so she can easily make more solution (see below).




I encourage you to calculate a physical dollar amount that you save EVERY MONTH and place that in savings.  Don’t just let it sneak away; BE INTENTIONAL!

For example:  You will spend an average of $20 per month on wipes.  We have two in diapers, so that’s $40.  In one year, we can save $480.


What’s one thing you would do with an extra $240-$480 in the bank?  Share with us below!

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